Red Road Obscura

I converted rooms in an empty flat in the Red Road Estate into a series of camera obscuras and ‘light environments’. In the living room the image of the iconic flats wrapped around the walls, while in the bedrooms clouds blew wildly across the floor, tiny cars could be seen scurrying across the ceiling and occasionally seagulls swept across the whole view. The flat obscura and pinhole photography demonstrate the simple magic of the photographic process and never fails to amaze and engage people of all ages and backgrounds. Delivered in partnership with Street Level Photoworks and The Red Road Cultural project, 2009.




This was the view being projected onto the living room wall.

I involved people from across the community in workshop sessions during the Easter holidays, viewing the obscura rooms and then making their own pinhole cameras from old tins and boxes. The groups then made and developed their own pinhole photographs in a temporary darkroom set up in the flats kitchen.  I also made a set of 3 large format pinholes, capturing the view from across the full living rom wall, you can see these and more pinhole images made with local community on the pinhole project page.

A short documentary on the project can be viewed here:

These are some large format pinhole images made inside the obscura.